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Robin Browning

1st and 2nd Grade Teacher

Rooted Beginnings for Lifetime Learners

My philosophy of education is based on the individuality and vivacious learning possibility of every child.  The treasure of a soul hidden.  The root system of a character based, God seeking, academically excellent program that ever searches to educate the treasure in every soul is my daily goal.  Every intricately valued child of the Creator deserves an education of dancing roots.  God's children are as individual as the delicate movements of the leaves of a tree, yet they need the root system of that same tree to thrive.

The roots of education are based on children as active, creative, energetic and mobile learners.  Thus their education should be integrated to fit their natural form.  The elements around them directly affect their growth and development.  Daily learning should include the multiple intellegences in a system of immense choice and evolution.  Healthy roots grow from structure and academia beside active energy and individuality.  Learning should be active, creative and full of choices in the confines of being well planned and systematic.  Learning as a process of mastery in the context of hands on settings. Time needs to be made for stories and rituals, not just standards and tests.  Collaborative learning along with individual learning is an additional element of importance. The child's ability to grow, thrive and dance to the song that only they can hear is in the hands of the teacher as gardener and special caregiver.  Each child branches out and establishes deeper roots when surrounded by a loving community of character building, lifetime learners who are supported by knowledgeable administrators, caring, qualified and passionate educators with high expectations and supportive families and friends. This is the unified education that supports the dancing roots of every successful learning child.  

Our Roots are our very foundation. Roots are what make us strong, healthy and grounded.  Education is based on these roots, a strong foundation from the beginning, with growth for eternity.  

A Tree is grounded by strong, energy filled roots that allow it to grow to its God given potential.  This is a potential of dancing beauty for a lifetime.  This is how I view my lifetime of educating children... creating an environment to grow individuals with strong Dancing Roots!

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