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To maintain our successful program, it is important for expectations to be set. To learn more about how we run our schools, keep our students safe and more,

visit the links below.

Student Handbook

The following handbook is available in PDF form. 

Cell Phone Policy and Contract

We strive to make a distraction free environment at our school, so learning can come first. To learn more about our cell phone policy, click on the button below:

Dress Code/Uniform Policy

Our uniform policy creates cohesion within our student body, creates a fairer dress code, removes peer pressure and makes a focused learning environment. Learn more below:

Volunteer at RAS

If you are planning to drive for field trips, help in the classroom, or volunteer in any capacity at RAS, you

must go through the Sterling Volunteers training and screening. Share this info with any friends or family

who volunteer at RAS.

to Drive

If you would like to drive on field trips we also need:

1. Driving Record – you may get this at the DMV or online at the button below (cost for this is $13.00).

2. Copy of your driver’s license.

3. Copy of your insurance card.

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