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Francely Zurita


Mrs. Zurita, a master of pedagogy, embarked on her musical journey at the Conservatory of the University of Montemorelos, Mexico . Excelling in flute performance, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Flute Performance from the Autonome University of Nuevo Leon Mexico. Continuing her studies in France, she earned the highest distinction, a Diploma of Musical Studies, at the National School of Music in Lyon. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for the baroque flute, leading her to pursue specialization in the Early Musique Department of the Haute Ecole de musique de Genève in Switzerland.

Mrs. Zurita's passion for music education led her to pursue a Master's degree, specializing in Dalcroze Eurhythmics Pedagogy. In 2019, she proudly achieved a Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy, focusing on the comprehensive application of the Dalcroze method in teaching music. One of the remarkable aspects of the Dalcroze method is its adaptability to students of all ages, from elementary school children to adults. Mrs. Zurita's expertise in music pedagogy enables her to inspire and educate a diverse range of students, fostering their musical growth and creativity. 

This comprehensive training equipped her to teach music, including choir,  solfège, handbells and improvisation;  in addition to modern flute, and baroque flute.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Zurita has served at esteemed institutions such as the Geneva Jaques Dalcroze Institute, Geneva Popular Conservatory, and the Municipal School of Music in Meyrin, Switzeerland. In addition to conducting private lessons from her studios in Lyon and Geneva, she has won acclaim as a flutist, earning first prize in the National "Gildardo Mojica" flute competition. Mrs. Zurita has delighted audiences as a soloist with renowned orchestras and has participated in chamber music at the Beaux Arts of Lyon, captivating listeners across multiple countries.

Francely Zurita


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