If you’re new to RAS, each year we do a jog-a-thon to raise money for special projects for a better student experience.

Last year we raised money for laptops for 5th/6th grade classrooms and a transit vehicle. This year we plan to raise money for a 2nd transit vehicle.

We love to get our students out of the classroom for enriched learning opportunities, but getting a reliable bus or a qualified driver is always a big problem. Additionally, busy parent schedules don’t always permit a parents to drive on field trips. Purchasing a transit vehicle that a teacher could drive will really help us continue to plan excellent trips.

Additionally, we always give a tithe on what we’ve raised to a local community need. Students are gathering suggestions on what worthy cause to contribute our tithe to. 

Basic info:
When: September 24, 9-11 a.m.​
Where: Martin Field, by the Memorial Pool​
How do I get there? Bus from school or parents can drive.​
What: Walk or jog/run as many laps as you can. ​
Get pledges – either per lap, or just a flat donation.

Incentives along the way:
$10,000 in pledges or donations: Pajama day!​
$20,000 in pledges or donations: Crazy hair day!​
$30,000 in pledges or donations: NO UNIFORM DAY!

The easiest way to raise funds is to sign up at PledgeStar.
Go to
Click “Not registered for this year’s event”
Enter your name and email address, then click “Submit”
Follow the instructions to register students.


Pledgestar Instructions

Jog-a-thon Info Sheet

Student Sponsor Log (if not using Pledgestar)





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