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Music Education

While music education is not required at this age, it is our goal at RAS to develop well rounded students. Thanks to our expert teacher, Francely Zurita, we have the ability to teach the foundations of music through the movement, thanks to Mrs. Zurita's training. 

Advantages of the

  • RAS Orchestra at Village Church—Saturday, February 24

  • Con Brio Adjudication—Friday, March 1

  • RAS Orchestra at WWU Church—Saturday, March 2

  • RAS Handbells and Choir at Village Church—Saturday, March 9

  • RAS Handbells and Choir at WWU Church—Saturday, April 13

  • Bells and Choir Concert at WWVA—Monday, May 20

  • Orchestra Concert at WWVA—Tuesday, May 21

  • Band and Steel Drum Concert at WWVA—Thursday, May 23


We also offer band for students who are interested.

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