Jeff Andersen

     Hey There! My name is Mr. Andersen, and I teach Bible, History, and 7th grade math. This is my sixth year teaching at Rogers, but my first year in Jr. High.  I'm excited for this new challenge that will allow me to pass on my love of history to my students.  I graduated from Walla Walla University in 2013 with a B.S. in Elementary Education. I am currently working on my Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction.  

     I was born in Loma Linda, California and moved to Seattle when I was three years old. I came to Walla Walla University initially planning on becoming a veterinarian.  However, during the end of my Freshman year I discovered my love of teaching, and I haven't looked back.  I continued to work at a vet's office for 4 years during college, and cherish the insight it gave me into the lives of animals; it also rekindled my love of science.  

     In 2011 I took a year to be a missionary and found myself in Denmark as a boy's dean.  Of the many experiences I had there I came away with a desire to connect with people that I didn't have before, I carry that into my classroom every day. I believe children are much more willing to learn, explore, and push themselves when they have a teacher with whom they can connect on a personal level.

​     During the school year, my life revolves around my students and my classroom. I do my best to create engaging lessons that target a variety of learning styles.  My favorite class to teach is Science, but I've recently gained a new respect for History and Social Studies as well.  ​When I'm not at school you'll find me working on my photography skills, camping, skiing, hiking, or driving around trying to find a good Americano.


      Mr. Andersen’s Tips for Success

  • Take charge of your own learning in my classroom.
  • Be an active participant, projects and discussions are boring if you don’t contribute.
  • Treat everyone, including yourself, with respect.
  • Respect the learning of others. You do not have the right to disrupt them.
  • It is your responsibility to seek missed work due to absence.
  • Come to class prepared and ready to learn.
  • Keep track of homework and projects. Due dates are closer than they appear.
  • Tests are given at the end of each unit (with exceptions) so be prepared!




          Jeff Andersen

                       Vice Principal

     Bible, History, & 7th Grade Math

               509-529-1850 ext. 221



US History Syllabus

Andersen Bible Syllabus

7th Math Syllabus