Media Center Director—Audrey Campbell

Welcome to the library at Rogers Adventist School.  We have magazines, DVDs, and books for you to browse and check out.  We are expanding our DVD section and welcome suggestions from you.  Every student has a library card and we encourage parents to also sign up for one.  We have an excellent parent bookshelf with books hand-picked by our counselor, Tricia Lofthouse.


Library Catalog
You can access our library catalog from home.  Click the link and then click "Researcher".   This way you can see what we have in our library and where to find it when you visit us.  

Kindles in the Library
We have a number of Kindle Fire devices in the library for students to check out.  Each Kindle is pre-loaded with an assortment of books.  Games and internet access are blocked.  These Kindles are just for reading e-Books that are loaded.   Students who want to check out a Kindle Fire must have a signed form on file in the library.  Forms are available in the library. 

Library Club
The Library Club consists of student helpers, usually from the fifth and sixth grades, that volunteer twice a week or more during their lunch recess.  They learn how to shelve books and magazines, help with cleaning and other jobs that need to be done.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Library Club, talk to Mrs. Campbell about the possibilities.





Audrey Campbell

Rogers Media Center Director

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."
~Frederick Douglass