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My Rogers Music Making . . . . for those of you who might be new to RAS :+)

I teach classroom music for grades K-4 and direct the choirs and handbell programs.  We have a Treble Choir that includes our 3rd/4th graders,  and our Christmas production featuring K-4 students.  There is a select 5th/6th Honors Choir and a Jr. High level Honors Choir.   Of course, thanks to Covid, our choirs are on hold for the moment, but we are anxious to get them up and running as soon as it is safe to do so!!

Our handbells program offers a bell choir to 5th grade, 6th grade, and Jr. High students.  

I've also added Steel Drums for 5th/6th and Jr. High musicians - new this year for me, and we are lovin' it!!

My Background . . . . 

I am enjoying another year teaching for Rogers Adventist School.  My past teaching experience, has included places like Adelphian Academy, Battle Creek Academy,      C. F. Richards Jr. Academy and Tri-Cities Adventist School, where I taught everything from Business Education, Physical Education, and Elementary Education, along with choirs, bands, and handbell ensembles.

I look forward to making musical memories with you all this year. :+)))


Links for 2020-21 School Year . . . .

Classroom Music - 3rd/4th Grade - This link is helpful for increasing your speed with your treble clef note name recognition.  It is even timed, so you can work at improving your score.

And a link for the bass clef notes as well.

Steel Drums - You have been asking for the links to a couple of the songs we are practicing.  This link includes a lot of Mr. Gibson's music, not just the two pieces we are presently working on.  So you just need to scroll down till you find the title of the piece you want to listen to.



Summer notes - 2021 :+) . . . .

I'm excited to spend some time traveling across the USA this summer, and have planned a lengthy tour - not sure how many states I'll cover, but I'd guess somewhere around 25 +- different states -- yea !!  I'm so looking forward to this adventure -- stay tuned, and I'll see you all in the fall !!!










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