Chargers Athletics

Hi friends. Welcome to our sports page. Our new schedules will be posted as they are received.  Each new, 2019-2020 schedule will be posted prior or at the start of each sport season.  Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, and Track and Field are what we currently offer.  

For 2019-2020, the annual sports fee for 7th and 8th Graders will be $115.00.  For 5th-6th graders the fee is $55.00 for each sport played, and will be charged to your bill.

Our program here at Rogers is all about participation. All 5th-8th students can participate in our sports program however it is recommended to sign up for Sport Camps during the summer to excel in the program. All students that sign up get to play. We have had more than 50% participation in our athletics program since its inception.

If you have any questions regarding our athletic program or would like to set up an interview for a coaching position please email me, or call anytime.








Mike Kearbey,

Athletic Director

(509) 529-1850 x223