Kuyler Lang (1-2)

Welcome to my website where I keep walls of text I deem relevant. 

Each Friday I will send home some papers. These include their Quest Guides and a spelling test as well as some mailouts from the front office at Rogers. '

-Quest Guides include some student work and a progress report including occasional comments and these grades:

I which is about 90%

P which is about 80%

NT which is lower than 70%

 -spelling test with the levels to practice written at the top

  As long as they score 75%-99% they can remain on a given level.

  100% earns you a more challenging level

  Less than 74 and they go down to an easier level


The Friday email will include:

 -a spelling list and memory verse. We practice both of those here during the week but if you want you can practice at home it can't hurt. 

-a schedule for star of the week.

  -A brief message from me about important (or more likely unimportant) stuff.



I also use an app called Class Dojo for a weekly photo feed so you can peek in on what we've been up to. 


Finally, the ways to communicate with me are listed here in order of usefulness:


  -texts. I'm pretty good about responding quickly.  

  -phone calls. I kind of like these. 

  -email. I'm spotty with this but I try to check it daily. 

  -report cards and conferences. These happen quarterly. Except conferences which are only during the first two quarters.  



Kuyler Lang, 

Grade 1-2