Kuyler Lang (1-2)

It is strange to see this space so spartan after so much distance learning.


And speaking of Spartan, Leonidas and his friends, Jason, Socrates, Herakles, and Odysseus, were last seen riding a great chariot across the sky with the sun shining brightly upon them. A man in a golden coat and white hat held tightly to another shifty looking fellow as the party was drawn by a team of shining stallions to the edge of the horizon and beyond. The last Odyssey was done and the heroes returned home for a much deserved rest. 


Across time in a land shrouded with mist and dazzling  green lies a stone, out of place, smooth with age, or weather, or perhaps by the caress of many hands through ages past. Embedded up to its hilt in the heart of the stone a gleaming sword rests. Soft light plays off the handle beckoning any who would wrest it from its rocky prison to embrace a life of daring, chivalry, and adventure. Does the sword call to you? Are you chosen to rise to greatness?

A new age dawns upon our learning horizon..



Kuyler Lang, 

Grade 1-2