Nelita Crawford (7-8)

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that everyone that walks in my room should be known and valued.

I believe that every student should explore their biases, privileges, and values to better understand themselves and the world around them.

I believe that approaching history with care and consideration means sitting with the messy reality of historical figures and events. 

I believe in restorative justice and that the classroom is the most important place for students to experience that kind of interaction.

I believe that all students have wisdom to share and need to have a place where adults encourage, support, and legitimize their wisdom. 

I believe that students should hear me say “sorry” when I am in the wrong.

I believe when anyone enters my classroom the environment should relax them.

I believe that Jesus was a radical who did not mince words.  I believe he showed up, spoke up, advocated, loved, and lived fiercely.  I want my students to meet that Jesus in my classroom.