K - 6 Computer Lab

Kindergarteners learn to log in to our school computers and how to manipulate the mouse.  Most of them are used to touch screens and may not have used a computer mouse.  The eye-hand coordination skills are learned fairly quickly.  We use gaming to help them learn these skills and more.  They THINK they are playing games when they are really learning skills.  


Students in grades 1 and 2 begin to learn the letters on the keyboard.  They learn where home row is and which fingers type which letters.  Keyboarding is one of the  life skills they will use for the rest of their lives.  Parents can help their child by watching as they use a keyboard and encouraging them to use the correct fingering.  In class, students type for a short period of time and then may choose one of the learning games to play.


In grades 3 and 4, we begin to be more serious about working on keyboarding.  Children use a typing program called Typing Pal and work at their own pace through the lessons.  The main focus is correct fingering and accuracy at this level.   Students also begin learning about online safety, creating strong passwords, being kind online, and cyberbullying.  Real life skills include learning to copy and paste and to cite their sources, learning to create Power Point presentations, and learning beginning coding through Hour of Code - a world-wide event each December.  


Our 5th and 6th graders continue practicing keyboarding skills using Typing Agent.  We begin to work on speed at this level along with accuracy.  Lessons include reviewing much of what we cover with 3rd and 4th grade.  Students also learn some beginning Digital Photography skills, they work a little more with coding, and experience more practice working with technology to study and learn.  We focus on digital citizenship safety, copyright, plagiarism, cyberbullying, and netiquette.


Links to often used websites:

Brainpop, Jr. - For K - 2

Username and Password:  Contact the classroom teacher or Mrs. Campbell for this information 

Brainpop - for 3 - 6

Username:  first.last

Password:  (student created)


Google Classroom - 3rd - 6th grade


Password:  (student created)

*not a functioning email


Please contact Mrs. Campbell if you have any questions regarding the library or the computer lab for K - 6.


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