K - 6 Computer Lab

We want our students to learn to be safe online and to use technology in a safe and kind manner.  

Often Used websites:

Typing Agent (Grades 3 through 6)

Yeti Academy (Google Tools for Grades 5 and 6)

Brainpop, Jr. - For K - 2 

Username and Password:  Contact Mrs. Campbell for this information 

Brainpop - for 3 - 6: 

Username:  first.last    Password:  abc123

Google Classroom - 3rd - 6th grade


Password:  (student created)

*not a functioning email


Please contact Mrs. Campbell if you have any questions regarding the library or the computer lab for K - 6.


Scholastic Book Fair Update


Thank  you so much for all the wonderful support you have given to the library through our recent book fair.  We had a goal of $4200.00 and went well over that goal.  


The library does not get to keep the money, but we earn 'Scholastic Dollars' to spend in the catalog.  These points are usually used to buy books for the library.  


Thank you again!


Audrey Campbell