Staff Profile - Joy Veverka

Meet the teachers and staff at Rogers Adventist School! Every month we feature a fabulous staff member and ask them 10 important questions. Joy Veverka teaches 3rd and 4th grade at RAS.



Question 1: How long have you been a teacher? 

2017-2018 is my 39th year teaching

Question 2: How long have you been teaching at Rogers?

2017-2018 is my 16th year

Question 3: Who are some important people in your life?

Of course Jesus, but as for people here—My kids, Donny, Deanna, James and their spouses, and my 4 grandchildren Annika, Daenan, Tullia, and Lydia.

Question 4: What inspired you to be a teacher?

I love learning and I wanted to help students develop a passion for learning.

Question 5: Have you ever thought about a different career? If so what?

When we owned nursing homes, I was administrator of our residential care portion as well as controller of our corporation.

Question 6: What is the best part about your job?

Two things: First, hearing students tell of their love for Jesus. Second, seeing students’ eyes light up when they understand a new concept or make new connections in their learning.

Question 7: What is the worst part of your job?

I’m not sure----maybe grading math drill papers.

Question 8: What do you hope to achieve by being a teacher?

I want to impact student lives by showing them what they can accomplish and learn. Most of all, I hope to share Jesus so students are ready for eternity with Him.

Question 9: Do you have any heroes?

Carl Wilkens, the ADRA worker who stayed in Rwanda is one of my heroes. Carl is a good friend who has taught me so much about prayer.

Question 10: What’s something special about the grade level that you teach?

I love the enthusiasm and sense of wonder.

Bonus Question: If Mrs. Bryant randomly cancelled school for the day, what would you do on that day?

Spend it with my grandkids because they would be off too.