Family Field Trips

RAS and WWVA have postponed Field Trips sponsored by the schools until further notice, but we acknowledge that off campus adventures are a major part of a student's educational experience.

Once each quarter, students and their families may choose from a provided list of valuable educational/outdoor adventure/community service options to participate in with their families on a Sunday of their choice. These options will be age appropriate and we will be certain that there are equitable options for online field trips or community service projects that families could do from home if they do not have the means or ability to participate outside of the home.

First Quarter Suggestions:


Tamastslikt Cultural Institute - they opened on September 22! The first Friday of each month admission is free. Regular admission: Students - $7, Adults - $10

Fort Walla Walla Planet Walk - An easy, multi-use paved path accessing Fort Walla Walla and the Arthur C. Rempel Nature Trail. Starting at the west end, the sun and the planets of our solar system are spaced proportionally along the trail.  FREE

Country Mercantile Pumpkin Patch - Opening on September 26! Pumpkin patch, corn maze, virtual petting zoo, and more! Kids 2 and under are free. Pumpkins not included.

Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail - The Lewis and Clark Expedition camped here on May 2, 1806. As part of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, the town of Dayton created a full scale restoration of the campsite using life size metal silhouette sculptures of all the members of the expedition. FREE

Outdoor Sculpture Walk at Whitman College - Want to experience the beauty outside in Walla Walla, take in breathtaking works of art, and get your steps in all at the same time? Look no further than the Whitman College Outdoor Sculpture Walk. This self-guided experience takes you through the Whitman College campus to view 21 magnificent sculptures, many of which were commissioned by graduated classes or created by Whitman College alumni. FREE

Slime in Microgravity Virtual Field Trip - What happens when you put slime in SPACE? Without Earth's normal gravity to hold the ooey gooey stuff down, things are about to get weird. Rihana Mungin and Nick Uhas are here to take you to the Slime in Space classroom, with appearances by REAL astronauts and Nickelodeon stars! FREE

San Diego Zoo Virtual Field Trip - LIVE cams and videos of your favorite animals! Koalas, hippos, giraffes and more! FREE

Second Quarter Suggestions:

Community Service - Make Cards for residents at Brookdale. RAS Families are invited to make Christmas cards for the residents at Brookdale, College Place. Life is pretty lonely right now and many feel like they are trapped due to COVID restrictions and fear of the virus. Drop off your cards at the table outside RAS during school hours. We will quarantine the cards and deliver them to residents.

Fort Walla Walla Museum Virtual School Tour - Due to the impact of COVID-19, the museum is now offering virtual school tours online! Click on each video to view a portion of the school tour. There are questions for students to answer based on the information presented in the video. 

Big Trees of Walla Walla, self-guided tour: Big thanks to Walla Walla Parks and Rec, Blue Mountain Land Trust, Audubon Society, and Gayle F Bodorff and Thomas Mair for making this guide possible. Print it off at home, or request a hard copy from the RAS front desk.

Mill Creek Recreational Trail: This path is a great in-town opportunity to get the whole family outside. Add in the chance to see wildlife, the flow of Mill Creek, and the scenic Blue Mountains as a back drop–this trail checks off most of the wish list. Speaking of, wish the trail kept going? It does! Join the Bennington Trail system via the Kingfisher Trail or Whitetail Trail to extend the adventure.

Lewis and Clark Life size Metal Silhouette Sculptures: As part of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, a group of Dayton residents created a full-scale restoration of the campsite with life-size metal silhouette sculptures. Using the journals as reference, all members—human and animal—of the expedition are represented. The camp is located just two miles east of Dayton on Patit Road. Silhouette statues of Lewis, Clark and horses mark Patit Road at the turn from US Highway 12. Signs at the site include a legend of those represented.

Seattle Aquarium Virtual Field Trips - This site has all kinds of options, (activities, videos, information sheets, and more!) but we especially love the webcams. Look at those cute sea otters!

Farm Food 360 Virtual Farm Tours - You know carrots come from the ground - not from a bag in the store, right? Do your KIDS know that? Check out these different farm tours to learn about everything from chickens to eggs.


Third Quarter Suggestions:



Fourth Quarter Suggestions: