Emotional Support

At this unprecedented time in our history, many of our students are feeling worry and anxiety about what the future holds.

Today we talked with all our RAS kids about their worries (health, parents and family, feeling lonely).  We also talked about their parent's worries (safety, health, money).  We wrote down our worry on a green sheet and then talked about what we can do when we feel worried:


  1. Pray (the Bible says that when we pray our angels come close and take our messages right to Heaven and are back again as quick as wink!)


2. Read (reading and Worries cannot stay in our brains at the same time, it’s literally impossible)


3. Exercise (this helps us keep our lungs healthy too if we go outside!) hike, bike, run, stroll,  swim, hop, skip, jump rope, walk the dog


4. Sleep (when we’re feeling stressed, sleep is the most important healer)  Go to bed early! 


5. Talk to a friend or trusted adult (write a postcard, text a friend, call your grandparents on the phone)


6. Keep busy (singing, baking, playing with a pet, listening to music, art, making a quilt, learning Japanese, keeping bees, doing your online RAS work)


7. Be kind (everyone is stressed right now so lend someone a roll of toilet paper) be patient with your parents and teachers at RAS too and with each other


After we wrote down our worry, we crumpled them up and said goodbye! 


Mrs. Lofthouse is glad to meet with kids in person or talk on the phone Mondays and Wednesdays all day! Connect with her at tricia.lofthouse@rogersschool.org


Suggestions from the UCC

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