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Kindergarten/Pre-1st: Carole Schafer

Kindergarten/Pre-1st: Jennifer Castleman

1st/2nd Grade: Robin Browning

1st/2nd Grade: Kuyler Lang

1st/2nd Grade: Tonya Wessman

3rd/4th Grade: Melissa Claridge

3rd/4th Grade: Carol Cosaert

3rd/4th Grade: Joy Veverka

5th/6th Grade: Jeff Andersen

5th/6th Grade: Cindy Solis

5th/6th Grade: Loralee Thomas

7th/8th Grade: Toni Busby

7th/8th Grade: Connie Gish

7th/8th Grade: Ralph Hogate

Resource Room: Stephanie Anderson and Gwen Burseth

Music: Patti Short

Music: Holly Carpenter

PE: Mike Kearbey

Technology: Audrey Campbell

Other resources (Optional)

Virtual Field Trips

Carnegie Picture Lab Art Lessons

Bedtime Bible Stories

Epic (remote access to over 40,000 books) - contact Mrs. Bryant for a free account


4H Space Camp