Rogers Adventist School

HolleyBryant, Principal
Nancy Barnett, Business Mgr.
Cindy McCrery, Registrar & Secretary
Kristyn Dybdahl, Receptionist

Music and Physical Education
Mike Kearbey, PE, League Sports
Holly Carpenter, Strings & Suzuki
Patti Short, Music, Handbells & Choir
Student Support
Audrey Campbell, Media Center
Joy Palmer, Media Assistant
KarrLayn Beck, Counselor
Stephanie Anderson, Alternate Learning
Laura Hall, Food Service
AM & PM Care

Junior High 
It's Summer Vacation !
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JR HI Classrooms
Grades 7-8
Bible, Science, Algebra, Geometry
Ralph Hogate, 7-8
Bible, Social Studies. 7th Grade Math
Toni Busby, 7-8
Bible, Language Arts, Pre-Algebra