Rogers Adventist School

"It's an eDay!"

eDay Assignments

You've come to the right place. Students in grades K-6, please look at the right side of this page to find your work for today. 

Seventh and eighth graders, please go to the webpages for the teachers teaching your classes this quarter. (Click on the Daily Life - Meet Us Tab.)  Your work is on their webpage.

The school work you do today will save you from having to add a day onto the end of this year. If you have trouble downloading the assignments or understanding how to do them, ask your mom, dad, or babysitter, or call a friend, or call your teacher who is standing by to help.

Also, you can ask for extra time to complete the work if you run into problems.

Be sure to get some exercise and to enjoy this day!

 Don't miss the "Snow Day" song by Justin Roberts

We already miss you guys!

E-Day Assignments
Grades 1-2
Grades 3-4
Grades 5-6

Snow Day by Justin Roberts