Rogers Adventist School

 Ms. Patti Short

My Background
This finishes my first year teaching for Rogers Adventist School and WWVA.  It was my 29th year of teaching, in places like Adelphian Academy, Battle Creek Academy, C. F. Richards Jr. Academy and Tri-Cities Adventist School, where I taught everything from Business Education, Physical Education, and Elementary Education, along with choirs, bands, and handbell ensembles.



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Thanks for Checking in . . . .
Wow, we made it through a great year of music making.  Many thanks to each of you who participated in classroom music activities, in ways like . . . . we learned some Solfege, played along with the Orff orchestra instruments, or sang like a bird in one of our many choirs.  Perhaps you were in costume for the K-4 Christmas Musical, Journey to Bethlehem, or maybe you put your whole heart into singing in one of the select choirs, such as Treble Choir, or Junior High choir.
 Or was your thing, a ringing those bells ---- some seemed pretty heavy at first, but you got the swing of it rather quickly.  We had some great concerts that I was very excited about.   I think each one of you did an amazing job, and I hope you keep a song in your heart over the course of the summer.
Speaking of the summer ahead --  If you are taking piano lessons, or voice, or instrument, good for you.  Keep up the good work.  It is important to keep the skill sets sharp.  Maybe you can look for ways to contribute some music in the worship service of your home church this summer if possible. 
I look forward to seeing where the coming year will take us in our music making as we again look at the joy of making music together, and fine tuning the talents God has given us for service to our church and community.
My Rogers Music Making
Presently, I teach classroom music for grades K-4 and direct the choirs and handbell programs.  We have a Preparatory Choir for grades K-2, a Treble Choir that includes students in grades 3-6, and a Jr. High choir.  Our handbell program offers a bell choir to 5th grade students, 6th grade students, and a Jr. High handbell choir.  

My WWVA Music Making
In addition to teaching classroom music, choirs and bells here at RAS, I teach two classes at WWVA, the academy choir and handbell program. I look forward to watching them grow their music making from Kindergartners to Seniors.

Have a super summer!
Ms. Short