Rogers Adventist School

Jeff Andersen
Grades 5-6

Daily Schedule

Memory Verses

Fruits of the Spirit

*Memory verse numbers correspond with spelling weeks

Spelling Lists
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Quarter 2
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WELCOME! To Mr. Andersen's Class

The Purpose of This Page
This page is set up as a resource to students and parents of my class.  You will find information about projects we are doing, spelling lists, memory verses and other important tidbits.

If you have a question about your students grade(s) please log in to RenWeb anytime.  I try to keep it updated as regularly as possible.  
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What Are We Studying Right Now


Social Studies Science
American History:  WWI Human & Nature Interaction

Reading Projects
      Each month students have one reading project to complete outside of class.  These are created based on books they have read at home or here at school during free reading time.  Students have in their binders here at school information on how to do each project, they are of course welcome to take it home once they start working on a project, however it needs to be returned with the project for grading. Each project is due the last school day of the month, with one exception because of Christmas Break.

     **Due Dates**

September: Friday, 30th
October: Monday, 31st 
November: Wednesday, 30th

December: Tuesday, January 3rd
January:  Tuesday, 31st
February: Tuesday, 28th
March: Friday, 31st
April: Friday, 28th
May: Wednesday, 31st


Make It or Break It

In order to help each student be more accountable and responsible for the work they need to be completing, I will be splitting each quarter into 3 sections.  Each section will have a cutoff date for missing work to be completed. After each cutoff date any missing work will remain a zero score and will not be able to be made up.  The cutoff dates for each quarter are listed below.  If you have any questions about this policy please let me know.  If there are any extenuating circumstances that will cause a delay in work being turned in I will address those individually with each student, however it is their responsibility to let me know if something comes up.

Quarter 1 Cutoff Dates Quarter 2 Cutoff Dates Quarter 3 Cutoff Dates Quarter 4 Cutoff Dates
September 6 November 7 January 30 April 10
September 26 November 28 February 13 May 1
October 17 January 3 March 6 May 22



     I encourage you to contact me if you have questions about your student's performance or what we are learning in class.