Rogers Adventist School


Joy Veverka
Grades 3-4

Mrs. Veverka, 3-4

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About our classroom . . .

Through integrated curriculum, inquiry or PBL (project-based learning), and STEAM* emphasis, students acquire academic skills while they wonder and explore.  Hands-on science and social studies activities as well as community involvement make subjects alive and exciting.  The importance of character growth taught through life skills and Christian virtues helps each student develop friendships, leadership skills, and positive habits.  Foremost in our classroom is the ideal of knowing Jesus as one's Friend and Savior.  It is my deepest desire that each student learns to love Jesus and let Him lead each day.

*Science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math

About me . . .

I received a Bachelor of Arts from La Sierra University and a Masters of Education in Curriculum from Walla Walla University. The first part of my teaching career was in secondary education at San Diego Academy. For 28 years I have taught elementary school in the Pacific Northwest . I love being part of the team at Rogers Adventist School.  This is my 16th year at RAS. Training in PBL from the Buck Institute and participation in EXSEED (STEM education) at Loma Linda University, have provided a foundation for the way we study and learn. When I am not in the classroom, I love writing, reading, and anything that has to do with water. I cherish spending time with my three adult children, Donny, Deanna, and James, and their families including four grandchildren ages six through nine! Two of my grandchildren live in this area and enjoy the excellent education provided at Rogers.