Rogers Adventist School

Holley Bryant, Principal
Nancy Barnett, Business Mgr.
Cindy McCrery, Registrar & Secretary
Kristyn Dybdahl, Receptionist

Music and Physical Education
Holly Carpenter, Strings & Suzuki
Patti Short, Music, Handbells & Choir
Student Support
Audrey Campbell, Media Center
Joy Palmer, Media Assistant
KarrLayn Beck, Counselor
Stephanie Anderson, Resource Director
Laura Hall, Food Service

The classrooms are busy and exciting places.  Lots of learning takes place daily!  Use the links in the drop-down menu under "Meet Us" or use the links in the side bar to find teachers.
You will also find links to our support staff and administration.  Feel free to email teachers or staff members with any questions you may have about their work.



Grades K-2
Carole SchaferK
Kuyler Lang, 1-2
Tonya Wessman, 1-2
Robin Browning, K-2
Grades 3-6
Grades 7-8
Bible, Science, Algebra, Geometry
Ralph Hogate, 7-8
Bible, Social Studies. 7th Grade Math
Toni Busby, 7-8
Bible, Language Arts, Pre-Algebra
Junior High Info 
Junior High Information