Rogers Adventist School

Toni Busby
Grades 7-8

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Thank you for entrusting your children to my care each weekday. It is a great honor to be able to spend time with them. Teaching isn't just a job to me; it is a calling. I am truly blessed to earn a living doing what I love.  Jr. High students are at such a transforming age. They are beginning to formulate their own beliefs, to see shades of gray, and to figure out who they currently are, and who they want to become.  I prayerfully approach each day, asking the Lord to use me in spite of myself.  There are times I will undoubtedly fail, but I will continue to give my utmost. 

Our partnership is crucial to your student’s education, and growing walk with Jesus, so I welcome your words of wisdom and thank you for your continued support.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me over any need that may arise.  Together, lets pray and work toward developing a teen-ager that will "Love the Lord with all their hearts, soul, strength and mind."
In His Service,

Mrs. Busby

Rogers' Exceptional Students: (A section for acknowledging our kids)

  Time to Say Good-bye
Life is full of hellos and good-byes
Losing someone I dearly love
is the bluest of miseries
For his visits are no more
and his reclining chair sits unused.
His torn jeans tell the story of years of hard labor.
When I pass the bus stop I expect to see him
Waiting there for a ride to the grocery store
to buy treats for his sweet tooth
I couldn't imagine anything more difficult
than having to say good-bye
But not having him here is even worse

-Celeste Santellano (7th grade, written in 2017)
Poetry Makes Steam Come Out of my Ears
Poetry makes me angry,
Alliteration makes me green,
Couplets are annoying,
I hate the blank, white screen.

Iambic pentameter,
Hyperbole, or sonnet,
Any way that you say it,
My mind is not on it.

I cannot rhyme,
I cannot write.
Similies infuriate,
I just want to fight.

Let's get this poem over
Let's get this thing done.
I have better things to do,
Like video games for one.
Ray Trees (7th grade, written in 2017)

About Me:
I graduated from Walla Walla College with a B.S. in education.  My freshman year I met my BFF, Ken Busby, and married him a couple years later. After teaching in Adventist schools for seven years I stayed home with my own children, and home-schooled them for another seven years.  As the oldest of eight chidren, and a mother to four, I don't have a lot of time for my hobbies. However, I do enjoy reading, scrapbooking, pinterest, snow-skiing, women's Bible study, and organizing my home. God has richly blessed me.


First Day of School: August 22nd
8th Grade Raft Trip: September 7th and 8th (Parents encouraged to go)


E-Day Language Arts Day 1:

E-Day Language Arts Day 2:

E-Day Language Arts Day 3:

E-Day Bible Day 1 (2nd and 4th quarters only):

E-Day Pre-Algebra Day 1:

E-Day Pre-Algebra Day 3:

E-Day Language Arts Busby/Gish- Day 4

E-Day Pre-Algebra - Busby and Ms. Tate - Day 4