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Uniform Dress Code
At Rogers Adventist School we want to minimize the impact of our outward appearance so our God-given talents and characters will be our distinguishing features.  
Reasons for Policy
1.Our uniforms provide for consistent modesty and appropriateness, free from the current extremes of fashion.
2.Our uniforms encourage a sense of belonging and unity, free from the effects of socio-economic factors.
3.Our uniforms promote an atmosphere of learning, free from distractions of attire.
4.Our uniforms allow our students to be dressed safely, free to learn and play.
Students are expected to wear clothes according to the uniform dress code any time they are attending school.  Occasionally special activity days may be declared non-uniform days.   Concerts, field trips, and other school-related functions may require uniforms, performance clothes, or other attire as designated by the school sponsor. 
Click here to see the entire policy.
Click here to see the simplified policy.
Click here to see uniform colors.
Uniform Resale Form

School Closures: Weather Related   
When inclement weather arrives, we follow College Place Public Schools' lead for two-hour delays, as well as closures.  If College Place starts two hours late, so will we.  If College Places closes, so will we.  Unless, of course, it is a Friday; then if College Place runs two hours late, we'll close and have an e-day.
We realize this may cause problems for parents who go to work early and can't be with their children, and we are sorry.  Not running two hours late when WWVA does causes problems for other parents. Starting on time when many don't get here until late jeopardizes learning.
If this is going to be a serious problem for your family, please email Holley at We want to work with you!

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